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KEYT Highlights Pacifica’s Work on Retail Vacancy on State Street

Source KEYT.

“SANTA BARBARA, Calif – Commercial realtors are trying to get business in downtown Santa Barbara jump started.

Right now the vacancy count is at least 25 addresses and thousands of square feet available in the core area of State Street.

They gathered, Thursday morning with Mayor Cathy Murrillo to talk about leasing rates, State Street homeless complaints,  and cutting through the red tape for new tenants. They also said there is interest.

“They don’t want to be delayed. They need to get their doors open,” said Kerry Mann with the Pacifica Group.

The group says prospective tenants are coming from far and wide. Realtor Douglas Scott said the group is actively getting the word out that there’s space to fill. “They are bringing in tenants from stores all over the country to our downtown”

One issue involved a new restaurant and brewery, that was set back on permits by additional city concerns about the beer sales. The realtor, Dave Pintard told the Mayor there was too much pushback for a site that has been a restaurant or wine shop for years.

“They are ready to go and then they are delayed. That’s added costs that bears on them and some of these small or startups cannot afford that,” said Mann.”

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